What are RSS and Atom feeds?

RSS and Atom news feeds are computer-readable files that summarise new content as it appears on a website. (RSS and Atom are just two different formats that do basically the same thing.) Each feed includes a heading, a brief description of the new content and a link through to the website.

Stay in touch with new publishing

News feeds are a very convenient way of keeping up-to-date with a large number of websites. RSS and Atom feeds from Cambridge Journals Online will alert you to new journal issues and articles as soon as they are published online.

‘ Syndicating ’ content

News feeds are also an easy way for other websites to get and display content. If you have a website and would like to display Cambridge journals feeds on it, please do so as long as you always credit Cambridge Journals Online as your source, do not modify the text and do not post the full text of any of the articles on your website.

How can I get Cambridge Journals Online feeds?

You need to install a newsreader on your computer. You will find a list of readers at Syndication resources . Some are free and some you have to pay for, some support RSS only but many support both RSS and Atom. (Please note: Cambridge University Press cannot recommend a particular newsreader, nor can we provide technical support for its installation and use.)

Copy and paste this URL into your newsreader to start receiving RSS/Atom feeds.

Numéro actuel http://www.necplus.eu/data/rss/feed_ENF_rss_2.0.xml

Aggregated Journal RSS Feed

Journal feeds are provided free of charge for use common.browseJournals individuals for personal, non-commercial uses only.