Help Topic: Account administrator

Each subscribing organisation needs to appoint an Account Administrator who will be solely responsible for purchasing its subscriptions and managing online access.

The Account Administrator:

- purchases subscriptions on behalf of their organisation

- activates and manages user access to the full text of journals

- customises the screens that library users will see

- monitors usage of the journals at their organisation

The Account Administrator can be any designated individual and is most likely to be a member of the library staff.

Registering as the Account Administrator

If you want to set yourself up as the Account Administrator for your organisation, see Help on Registration for detailed instructions. Once you are registered as the Account Administrator, and have logged in, you will have access to the 'Account Administrator Links' menu which appears at the top left-hand side of every page. To change Account Administrators, click on 'Change Administrator' in the Account Administrator's menu (see Help on Change Administrator).

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