Help Topic: Content alerts

Content alerts are email notifications that new journal content has been published on Cambridge Journals Online. If you are a registered user you can set up your contents alerts in a number of different ways using the 'Content Alerts' page. Depending on your preferences you can receive tables of contents or information about individual articles. (You can also opt to run saved searches periodically and receive the results by email - see Help on Advanced Search and My Saved Searches).

My content alerts

To set up contents alerts you need to have registered and be logged in. You can then go to the 'Content Alerts' link in the 'My CJO links' menu or click 'Content Alerts' on any individual journal page to set up new alerts or change your existing ones. If you have not yet registered and click on 'Content Alerts' on a journal page you will be asked to complete the registration process before your alerts can be set up for you.

Clicking on 'Content Alerts' brings up a new page giving you a number of menu options.

My Current Content Alerts

If you have already set up alerts, this brings up a list of the journals you have selected and shows whether you have chosen to receive 'Issue Alerts', 'First View Alerts' and/or 'Comments Alerts' (if they are available for those journals). You can delete or change any of your preferences by clicking on the tick boxes, then clicking on the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page.

Set Alert Preferences

This allows you to decide what kind of alerts you want to receive, how often you want to receive them and whether you prefer HTML or text-only emails.

You can choose to receive an email whenever a new issue of a journal you are interested in is published online. To do this, click the first radio button under 'Set alert preferences'.

Or you can choose to receive a regular email that tells you which new issues of the journal(s) you are interested in have been published online in a particular period. You can specify exactly how often you want to receive those emails. This is a useful option if you are tracking a number of different journals and prefer to consolidate the alerts into a single, regular update. To do this, click the second radio button and state how frequently you want to receive the email in the field provided.

If you want to stop receiving all content alerts, you can unsubscribe by clicking the third radio button: 'Unsubscribe from all email alerts for all journals'. If you want to unsubscribe from some content alerts but not others, go to the list of journals below (listed under 'Add Content Alerts') and uncheck the journals you are no longer interested in.

You can also opt to receive an email notifying you if any of the journals you are interested in publishes individual articles online in advance of the issue as a whole ('First View' articles). To do this, check the box next to: 'Send me an email alert every x days listing any individual articles that have been published online from any of the journals selected below', specifying how often you would like to receive the email.

You can also choose whether to receive emails in HTML or as text only, by clicking the appropriate radio button.


This feature allows you to choose how much information you want to receive and in what format.

If the 'Send me alerts without personalisation' box is checked you will receive emails containing the title and author(s) of the article(s) you are interested in, the name, volume and issue number of the journal(s) they appear in, their doi and the date they were published online. If you opted for HTML in the previous section these will link to the relevant pages on Cambridge Journals Online. This is the default setting.

'Alert format' gives you the option of having either the first 50 words of the articles' abstracts or their entire abstracts included in the email.

When you have decided how you would like to receive your emails, click 'Update' then go to 'Add Content Alerts' below to choose the journal(s) you want to track.

Add Content Alerts

Clicking on a subject under the 'Add Content Alerts' heading displays all the journals in that subject area.

If you are interested in hearing about individual articles published in advanced of whole issues (and you checked the box above to indicate that preference) you will also need to specify here which journals you wish that to apply to by clicking the 'First View Article Alert' checkbox. If you only want to be informed when complete issues have been published, click the 'Issue Alert' checkbox. If you click both, you will hear about individual articles as they are published, then receive the table of contents either when the issue is complete or as part of your next periodic alert, depending on your preference.

For both whole issue and First View alerts you can either click on the 'Select all Journals' checkboxes at the top of each column to hear about everything published in that subject area or choose individual journals from the list.

Some Cambridge journals are now encouraging readers to respond to individual articles. If the journal(s) you are interested in are accepting comments, you can also choose to be alerted when comments are posted. This feature is available if a checkbox appears in the 'Contents Alerts' column.

Once you have made your selection, click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page.

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