Help Topic: Unicode characters

How do I get my browser to render Unicode characters?

Most journals found on Cambridge Journals Online use the Unicode standard to represent any special characters found in the tables of contents or abstracts (eg mathematical symbols, Greek script).

If you find that your browser is not correctly rendering such characters, please ensure it is not set to override the font chosen by the page displayed, or alternatively choose a font which has good Unicode support such as Arial Unicode MS or Times New Roman. You should also ensure your browser uses an encoding which offers greater support, such as Unicode (UTF-8).

In Internet Explorer the font settings are accessed by selecting Tools, Internet options, from the top menu and then clicking on the Fonts button. To change the encoding, simply right click on any webpage and select the Encoding submenu.

In Firefox click Tools, Options from the top menu, and then click the Advanced button from the Fonts and Colours section.

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