Help Topic: Save search parameters

This feature allows you to save the search parameters you have used in a quick or advanced search. You can then use the same parameters at a later date to re-run searches that include any new content that has been added to the site.

To use this feature you need to have registered with Cambridge Journals Online and have logged in.

Searching Cambridge Journals Online will produce a list of search results. Click on 'Save Search' to bring up a new page.

Saving search parameters

First, you must give your saved search a name so that you can identify it later. Enter the name into the 'Search Title' input field. You can choose to have the search re-run automatically and you can decide how often (in days) you want it re-run. You can also have the results emailed to you by entering your email address in the corresponding input field. You will receive this email every time the search is run. If you leave the 'Re-run search every x days' field blank, your parameters will be saved to your 'Saved Searches' page in your 'My CJO Links' menu, from where you can use them to run manual searches. To save the parameters, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Note: Cambridge Journals Online automatically saves your last ten search parameters which can be found on your 'Saved Searches' page.

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