Help Topic: Shopping basket

You can use our online shopping facility to purchase organisational or individual subscriptions and pay-per-view articles. For some journals, you can also buy the online version of single issues.

To use the shopping basket, you must register with Cambridge Journals Online and have logged in. First, you need to find the content you wish to purchase, then click on the 'Add to Shopping Basket' link. This will take you to the shopping basket and display the item you have just selected.

The shopping basket is split into two parts - one for individual purchases and one for organisational purchases. This means we can charge/invoice you separately if you are buying some items for personal use and some on behalf of your organisation. If you are purchasing only one kind of item (either individual or organisational), you will see only one basket. If you are buying a combination of the two, you will see both baskets on the same page.

If you prefer to send your order and payment by mail, you can print out a PDF subscription form by following the link that appears immediately above the shopping basket.

To delete items from your shopping basket, click the checkbox that appears next to the item in the 'Delete' column, then click the 'Delete Item' button at the bottom of the basket. The page will be reloaded and your item removed from the basket.

To change the quantity of an individual or organisational subscription in your basket, update the number that appears in the 'Quantity' box next to the item concerned and click the 'Update Basket' button at the bottom of the basket. The page will be reloaded.

If you want to continue shopping for more items before checking out, click the 'Continue Browsing' button and you will be taken out of the basket back to the page you came from. The items you already have in the basket will be saved until you return to complete the transaction.

Once you are satisfied with the items in your shopping basket click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button. Note: checking out of individual and organisational shopping baskets are done as two separate proccesses. If you have both personal and organisational items in your basket, you will need to complete one transaction then return to the basket to complete the other.

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