Help Topic: Remote user access

This feature is for Account Administrators. It allows you to set up and manage remote user access to your organisational subscriptions. A remote user is a member of your organisation who needs access to journal subscriptions from a computer outside your designated IP range.

You need to be registered as your organisation's Account Administrator and have logged in. You will then see a 'My Cambridge Journals Online' panel at the top left-hand side of every page throughout the site. Click on 'Account Administrator Links' and then on 'Remote User Access' .

This will take you to a new page. If you have already set up remote access for some of your users, the details will be displayed.

Setting up a new remote user

To create a new remote user, click the 'New remote user' button at the top of the page. You will be sent to a new page to enter the name, country, username and password of the new user. (See Help on 'New remote user' for more detailed instructions.)

Managing your list of remote users

To change any information about an existing remote user, or to delete, de-activate or re-activate them, click on their name where it appears in the 'Name' column. This will take you to the user's details page. (See Help on 'Update remote user' for more detailed instructions.)

Sorting the remote user list

The list defaults to being ordered by 'Remote User ID', in ascending order. You can change how the list is displayed by choosing a different 'Sort by' option from the drop-down menu: Remote User ID, Last Name, First Name, Expiration Date, Activated.

You can also control how many results appear per page. The default is 10 results per page. You can change this by using the 'Results per page' drop-down menu.

You can jump to a specific page in the list by using the 'Go to page' menu or you can use the 'first', 'previous', 'next' and 'last' links to navigate the list.

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