Help Topic: New remote user

This page allows Account Administrators to create a new remote user. (A remote user is a member of an organisation who needs access to organisational journal subscriptions from a computer outside the designated IP range.)

You need to be registered as your organisation's account administrator and have logged in. You will then see a 'My Cambridge Journals Online' panel at the top left-hand side of every page throughout the site. Click on the 'Account Administrator Links' menu, then on 'Remote User Access'. This will bring up a new page. Click on 'New remote user'.

To create a new remote user, complete the form. The 'Activation Date' is the date from which the user will have access to the organisation's subscriptions. It defaults to today's date (ie the date you create the record) but you can change it if you want to defer their access until a later date. The 'Expiration Date' is an optional field you can use if you want to limit the user's access to a specific time-frame. Make sure all the required fields have been completed then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

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