Help Topic: Searching

There are three main ways to search the content of journals on Cambridge Journals Online: the Quick Search, the Cite Search and the Advanced Search.

Quick Search

Quick Search boxes appear across the top of every page throughout the site. The first box allows you to search:

- across all Cambridge's online books and journals

- just Cambridge Journals

- the Cambridge Journals Online site for something other than journals content

If you are running a search from a particular journal's homepage, you can also choose to search just within that particular journal; if you are running a search from the table of contents of a specific journal issue you can choose to search just that issue.

To run a Quick Search, first choose which type of content you want to search, then enter your search term(s) into the second box and click 'Search'. This will run a search runs across the full text of all the contents you have specified and their associated metadata fields (title, author names, keywords, etc).

Cite Search

'Cite Search' provides you with a quick way of searching for content if you have an article citation to hand, or if you know some or all of the bibliographic details of the content you are looking for. In other words, it is a more precise search tool than 'Quick Search' because you can use more search criteria. At the same time, because you already know what you are looking for you don't need the powerful search capabilities provided by 'Advanced Search'.

To use 'Cite Search', click the 'Cite Search' button at the top right-hand side of the page. New search boxes will be displayed. Start typing the name of the journal you are interested in into the first box. As you type, a list of journals that match your criteria will appear from which you can make your selection. You can then use any or all of the other fields (Author, Year, Volume, Issue, Page) to narrow down your search further. Note, however, that you can use any of the fields on their own (once you have selected a journal) except for the 'Page' field. If you try to do this you will see an error message asking you to enter more data.

Advanced Search

If you wish to narrow your search further, use the Advanced Search tool by clicking on the 'Advanced Search' link immediately below the 'Quick Search' and 'Cite Search' tabs. (See Help on Advanced Search for more information.)

CrossRef Search

CrossRef search allows you to search all participating publishers' content. For more information about CrossRef, visit the CrossRef website.

Ranking results

To find out how we rank your search results, see Help on Search Results.

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