Help Topic: Cite Search

'Cite Search' provides you with a quick way of searching for content if you have an article citation to hand, or if you know some or all of the bibliographic details of the content you are looking for - even if it is just the journal title.

This feature appears at the top of every page throughout Cambridge Journals Online, alongside 'Quick Search'. To carry out a 'Cite Search' click on the 'Cite Search' button and you will see the search fields at the top of the page change.

To use 'Cite Search' start typing the journal title you are interested in into the first box. As you type, a list of journals matching your search term will appear. Select the journal by scrolling down the list and clicking on it. If you click on 'Find' at this point you will be taken to the journal's hompage. If you have more information about the article you are looking for you can use any or all of the other fields (Author, Year, Volume, Issue, Page) to narrow your search further. By completing the Volume and Issue fields you will be taken directly to the table of contents you are looking for.

Note, however, that you can use any of the fields on their own (once you have selected a journal) except for the 'Page' field. If you try to do this you will see an error message asking you to enter more data.

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