Help Topic: Browse journals subscribed to

This feature allows you to browse the journals to which you have full-text access. To get to it, first click on the dark grey 'Browse Journals' button that appears at the top of every page, and then click on 'Subscribed To'. Or, from the home page, you can use the 'Browse Journals' drop-down menu that appears in the middle of the page, and select 'Subscribed To'.

The page is divided into sections showing the different types of access you might have:

- Free journals that are available to all visitors.

- Individual subscriptions are those journals to which you have a personal subscription.

- Organisational subscriptions are those journals you have access to because you belong to an organisation that has bought a subscription. If you belong to more than one such organisation, this section will display separate lists of journals provided by each organisation.

These are followed by a list of the journals not currently available to you and finally a list of those Cambridge journals that do not have any online content at present.

To look at a particular journal, click on the journal's title and you will go through to the journal homepage.

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