Help Topic: Society administrator

Some societies offer free online access to their journals as part of their membership package. The ?Society Administrator? manages this online access using an administrator?s menu. To become the administrator for your society you will need to contact Customer Services.

The first thing you will need to do is provide a file containing the society's membership numbers. Again, you should do this by contacting Customer Services.

When you register as the Society Administrator, you will be given a Society ID by Cambridge Customer Services. You should provide your members with this number and with their individual Society Subscription ID (ie their membership number). Members who are registered users of Cambridge Journals Online will then be able to use the 'Activate Society Subscriptions' page to gain access to the full text of society journals.

Society members listing

The list that appears on the 'Members' page is of those members who have activated their society subscription. The default order of this list is by 'Membership Number' (the membership numbers previously uploaded to the society account.) Note: the 'Member ID' number displayed in the list is a Cambridge allocated number and is used for internal identification purposes.

Society members listing options

You can change how the list is organised by selecting a different 'Sort by' option: Member ID, Last Name, First Name.

You can also decide how many results appear per page, by using the 'Results per page' menu. (It defaults to 10 results per page.)

You can jump to a specific page in the entire list of results by using the 'Go to page' menu and you can also navigate to the first, previous, next and last pages of the entire list of results by clicking the corresponding page navigation links.

All of these search result options can be located at the top and bottom of all search result pages.

Access from the society's website

Society members can also be given direct access to their journal from the society's website. We can set up a link that is accessible from the member's area of the society's website and takes them directly to the full text of the society journal on Cambridge Journals Online. If you would like this arrangement for your society, please get in touch with your main editorial contact at Cambridge University Press

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