Help Topic: RSS / ATOM feeds

RSS and Atom feeds have become standards for syndicating content. They are computer-readable files that summarise new content as it appears on a website. (RSS and Atom are two different formats that do basically the same thing. RSS is the more established, but Atom is becoming increasingly widespread.)

How to get RSS or Atom feeds from Cambridge Journals Online

To receive news feeds you need to install a newsreader on your computer if you have not already done so. You will find a list of readers at Syndication resources. Some are free and some you have to pay for, some support RSS only but many support both RSS and Atom. (Please note: Cambridge University Press cannot recommend a particular newsreader, nor can we provide technical support for its installation and use.)

You will then need to find the RSS or Atom icon for the Cambridge journal(s) you want to receive feeds from. You can do this by using the drop-down 'Browse Journals' menu that appears in the middle of the Cambridge Journals Online homepage and clicking on 'RSS/Atom Feeds'. Alternatively, you can click on the RSS/Atom icons that appear at the top of individual journal pages.

The 'Browse RSS/Atom' page lists Cambridge Journals alphabetically by title. Find the journal you are interested in, then click either the RSS or Atom icon next to it. This will open a new page, at the bottom of which you will see either one or two URLs. The first (or only) URL will give you a feed for the latest issue of a particular journal. The feed contains a brief description of the journal and a list of the articles that appear in that issue. If you click on the title of an article you will go to the article's abstract from where you can click through to the abstract on Cambridge Journals Online. From there, if you or your organisation subscribes to the journal, you will be able to access the full text of the article. The second URL, if it is displayed, will give you a feed for First View articles. These are articles that are available on Cambridge Journals Online before the next issue of the journal has been published. This option is not available for all Cambridge Journals as not all of them publish their articles incrementally in this way.

To receive either or both of these feeds you need to cut and paste the relevant URL(s) into your newsreader. You will need to repeat this process for every journal you want to get feeds from.

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