Help Topic: Activate organisational subscriptions

If your organisation buys its journal subscriptions directly through Cambridge Journals Online, your subscription will be activated for you and there is no need for you to take any further action.

However, if you have purchased a subscription in any other way (through a subscription agent, for example, or by mailing a cheque to Cambridge University Press) you will have to activate your subscription in order to get online access to the full text of articles.

To do this, you need to click on 'Activate Subscriptions' in the 'Account Administrator Links' drop-down menu which you will find at the top left-hand side of every page, underneath your log-in details. You will only have access to this page if you are the Account Administrator for your organisation. Enter your subscriber number (see below) into the 'Subscriber Number' box, then click 'Activate'. To activate multiple subscription numbers, enter all your subscriber numbers, separated by a comma, into the text area and then click 'Activate Multiple'. (Please note: in some cases, this process will be done for you by Customer Services.)

Activating Society Subscriptions

Some societies make special arrangements for their members to have access to the full text of society journals and this arrangement can extend to institutional members. If you organisation is an institutional member member of such a society, you will need to activate your subscription on Cambridge Journals Online in order to provide your users with access to the society's journal(s). To do this, you need two pieces of additional information: the Society ID (the society's Cambridge Journals Online unique identifier) and the Society Subscription ID (your membership number). These should be sent to you by the society.

To activate a society subscription, choose 'Activate Organisational Society Subscription' from the Account Administrator Links menu. Then enter the Society ID and the Society Subscription ID and click the 'Activate' button.

Subscriber numbers

When you purchase a journal subscription, Customer Services will send you your subscriber number. If you have supplied your email address when purchasing the subscription your subscriber number will be emailed to you. If we do not have your email address, your subscriber number will be mailed to you.

If you are subscribing to the print as well as the online version of the journal, you will also find your subscriber number on the carrier sheet in the journal package.

If your subscription originates from the UK, your subscriber number will be a 6 digit number. In North America, the subscriber number is either an 8 or 9 digit number.

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