Help Topic: Pay-per-view articles

Pay-per-view articles are individual journal articles you can buy access to on a time-restricted basis. Cambridge Journals Online pay-per-view articles are accessible for 48 hours from the time of purchase. Once you have access to the article you may download it to your computer for your personal use.

To buy pay-per-view articles you need to be registered and have logged in. Find the article(s) you are interested in either via a table of contents or a search results listing then click the 'Add to basket' link below the article you are interested in. A search results listing will also allow you to add more than one article to your basket at a time by clicking the checkboxes to the left of each relevant article and then clicking the 'Add to basket' button at the top of the page.

Once you have clicked 'Add to basket' you will be taken through to the shopping basket from where you should follow the instructions for making payment.

My pay-per-view articles

This page allows you to view all your Pay-Per-View articles, both active and expired. It also allows you to buy your articles again once your access has expired. To get to it, you need to be registered and have logged in. You will then be able to find 'Pay-Per-View Articles' in the 'My CJO Links' drop-down menu.

The 'Date Purchased' column shows when the articles were purchased and the 'Hours Remaining' column show how long you have before your access expires.

When the articles are active the links to the content (PDF, HTML, PS, etc.) are present. When the articles have expired an 'Add to Basket' link appears instead.

Note: before buying a pay-per-view article you may want to double check that you don't already have access to it through an organisational subscription which may be available to you from a computer within your institution's network of by using your Athens log in.

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